If you are looking to adopt a Catahoula Leopard
Dog, please visit:
or  www.catahoularescue.com
You could help save a life!
Things to keep in mind...............

DO NOT leave your animal in a parked car, not only is it too hot and
may kill the animal, it is illegal in Florida.  They are better left at
home alone.

DO NOT make your pet walk on HOT surfaces during the day, it
can burn their paws.  If you think it may be too hot,
take your
shoes off and stand barefooted
, if it is too hot for you, then it is
too hot for them.
Are you looking for a new pet?  Please visit
www.petfinder.com or go to your local Humane
Society, SPCA or Animal Control (kill Shelter) to
save a life.  There are so many unwanted pets,
adopt, please do not purchase,  if you purchase it
only enables our communities to keep producing
more unwanted pets.

Also, please be
responsible pet owners and SPAY
before your pet is 6 months old.  It
keeps them from having unwanted pets, but also, it
lessens their chance of cancer.  If you would like
more information regarding your pets health, please
ask your Vet.  

Adopt from Hernando County Animal Control Kill Shelter.  Go to
http://www.hernandocounty.us/code/animal/index.asp  to view mixed
breeds and purebred dogs that need a home!  You will save a life!
Many pets get put to sleep when the owner passes, because they are not included in the
owners Will or Trust.    Please don't let that happen to your pet, call Michelle Perry, esq.
to create or to update your will or trust, it could save your pets life.   

Michelle Perry, ESQ.
Wills, Trusts, Estates & Elder Law

If you cannot make it in to see her, for your convenience, she will come to you at your home
or office at no extra cost to you!